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When is a Banksy not a Banksy? When it’s by the Original Banksy. And who is the Original Banksy? The artist who created several iconic graffiti images attributed to Banksy, including The Rat (SYD), Flower Thrower (RED) Paddington Bear (THE TRAVELLER), Panda with guns (KA -CHING) and the girl with the red balloon (HOPE).

In an effort to establish authenticity, he has secured trademarks for four of the iconic images and is actively pursuing legal claims for others. Regarding this, he stated, “As the masked artist behind the original creation of these images and having been identified by The South West Press, with work featured in The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Mail as Banksy, I now go by the moniker of the Original Banksy, even though I will continue to maintain my elusive, masked, and anonymous presence.”

“There are many graffiti images attributed to Banksy, so if these ones have been falsely attributed, who knows how many others there are?”

The Original Banksy had been absent from the scene for a prolonged period, owing to health issues, personal challenges, and a feeling of hopelessness and disempowerment. However, he has now made a formidable comeback, reclaiming images that rightfully belong to him and crafting new ones with the same sharpness, wit and enduring significance.

Supporting him is David J’ and the Original Banksy Team. Jay remarked, “Initially, I had doubts, but as I delved deeper, my conviction grew, and so did my indignation.” Currently, this matter is of public interest, and the public has the right to be informed and draw their own conclusions. People are discerning and should not be treated as uninformed individuals.

Furthermore, as previously indicated, The Original Banksy and Damien Hirst reportedly had the same agent and personnel during their initial years. Allegedly, several of Banksy’s works and multiple pieces appear to exhibit the distinctive artistic traits reminiscent of Damien Hirst and other renowned artists. Should this lead to a definitive challenge, the matter should be appropriately addressed.

This is the official site for The Original Banksy!

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