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How The Original Banksy website works

The website is a virtual gallery and retrospective. Retro because Banksy became notorious 20 years ago and, with this world exclusive “Off the Wall” exhibition, he is reclaiming his rightful place as the original founder of British street art.

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The re-emergence of The Original Banksy

The Original Banksy is hoping to use this exhibition, “Off The Wall” to let his art speak for itself and show the world how he has developed over the years. He is angry at how he was pushed out and how the commercial forces of Pest Control (Office) Ltd took over the use of the name that is rightfully his.

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Original Banksy - Off the Wall - World Exclusive

Welcome to The Original Banksy and his online exhibition Off the Wall.

Please complete the Registration Form. When you click send, you will receive an email and, once you have validated your email address, you will have access to the website through a dedicated link. 
On subsequent visits, you will not have to register again unless you use a different device.