Original Banksy - Off the Wall - World Exclusive

Banksy’s back. To distinguish him from those who have copied, renamed and claimed his work, and to clarify that he is the rightful creator of the unique Banksy style of street art, he now wishes to be known as, “The Original Banksy”.

“Off the Wall” is the title of this exclusive, online exhibition, showing The Original Banksy’s artistic progression from the street art that he first created on the walls of Bristol 21 years ago to the canvasses that he is now creating here today.

The Original Banksy invented and created this style of art in the UK 21 years ago. His Inspirations are Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), Richard Hambleton (1952-2017) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

The Original Banksy has progressed, authenticated and redeveloped his art. Budding Banksy’s can no longer claim their work as his and live off his reputation. These re-created works are now subject to copyright.

The Original Banksy retains his anonymity. It was how he started out in Bristol in 2000 and the media christened him and helped to co-create his anonymous identity.

Now, because of his many imitators, he is The Original Banksy.


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Off the Wall: limited edition prints from The Original Banksy

You can buy limited edition prints, numbered and complete with a certificate of authentication signed by Banksy.

Original Banksy - Off the Wall - World Exclusive

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