How The Original Banksy website works

The website is a virtual gallery and retrospective. Retro because Banksy became notorious 20 years ago and, with this world exclusive “Off the Wall” exhibition, he is reclaiming his rightful place as the original founder of British street art.

There are two ways of exploring The Original Banksy’s work. One is to watch the Off the Wall audio-visual guide to his story, illustrated with his paintings – including recreations of his original street art from Bristol. This like visiting a gallery or museum and the story is accessible to those with limited visual or hearing capabilities.

The text is echoed by a voice-over from a neutral storyteller and from a voice representing Banksy himself.

Or you can access the Gallery or the Shop directly from the main navigational links at the top of each page. The Gallery contains all his work including some current pieces. The Shop offers limited editions of two works.

Within the audio-visual Off the Wall, there is an enigmatic, five-minute video, Rat Trap. Like their name suggests, the band “Oh The Larceny” featured in the soundtrack are big, confident, rebellious and will steal your sh*t in a heartbeat.

The driving beat, thick nasty guitars and foot stomps of the track, Another Level, set off the lyrics…

“I’m going all the way

I’m going to another level…”

This original, Banksy world exclusive video is aimed at those who doubted his authenticity.

No more walls. There is only one.

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Original Banksy - Off the Wall - World Exclusive

Welcome to The Original Banksy and his online exhibition Off the Wall.

Please complete the Registration Form. When you click send, you will receive an email and, once you have validated your email address, you will have access to the website through a dedicated link. 
On subsequent visits, you will not have to register again unless you use a different device.